Interview Food Entrepreneurs

Joined May 16, 2009
Just landed a writing assignment. I am interested in interviewing a food entrepreneurs for an article series (5 Part Article) to be published in a regional newspaper.

...Anyone who makes and sells a homemade or commercially made food product i.e. jams, jellies, pickled veggies, seasoning mix, pasta sauce, sausages etc. I am also interested in home-based bakery owners, cake decorators, truffle (candy) makers who prepare homemade products and sell to the public or to food distributors.

Please email me with details about your business, full name, phone number and email. I am particularly interested in the journey of your start-up from kitchen to market.

Thank you!

[email protected]

p.s. A photo of your product(s) is recommended in jpeg format. Contact me for more information.
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