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i am studying to go to culinary school and i am looking towards applying to Johnson and Wales University. Now culinary school is on the expensive no doubt. i wanna know if anyone has been to culinary school especially in baking and pastry. was it worth it? really? 

also i found this guy called Farshid Hakim, he owns a patissiere and cafe in brentwood california  called La Provence. he was on tv a couple of days ago in some competition and so i looked him, called the cafe and spoke to him and he told me he gained his experience in baking and pastry in french hotels and decided to move to the U.S. 

 can anyone recommend places/hotels/patissieres to learn baking and pastry??? i feel like i could still gain knowledge and experience on pastry if i worked and perfected the skill than spending over 20,000 dollars on tution and unifroms.

please help
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Welcome to ChefTalk. I think, as you scour this site, you will find many opinions on the value of school. Some are very strong proponents, some are equally reticent while others are staunch in their stance against schooling. My resolve? Talk to current students, former students, employers (like you have already started) and collect all the information that is available. Then, and only then, make an informed decision. As an instructor, I certainly have strong feelings about school that may, surprisingly, not be what you think. There is no magical chariot for the road on which you aim to travel. Rather, there are many modes to accomplish your goals. So, you have your homework! And, if I may offer one more tidbit, check your tuition price. I think you will find that $20k is considerably lower than the actual sticker price. A happy medium for you may be to investigate community college offerings in combination with on-the-job learning.

Good luck with your venture and keep us posted!

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