Internship in NY/USA by an European culinary student?

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Hi everybody

I have a question that I really hope you can help me with.

I am a culinary student from Denmark that are going ot start my internship in october when I´m done with my first semester in my school. The school is composed by 20 weeks in school, one year internship, 10 weeks school, one more year internship, and 7 weeks in school. 

My question is now, do you (especially chefs in NY) think that it is possible for me to apply for internship in USA, preferably in NY? 

Note that I am asking if it is "possible", not if it is easy or hard, just if it is possible.

There are of course many many aspects of this question, like my background, goals, ambitions and so on, and I will explain a little bit more about myself, but as I see it, the core in question for me is what chefs in NY think when I am sending them my resume and are calling them. Is it completely fruitlessly?

I would be very happy to hear some of your thoughts about this, even though I have a teacher who are pushing me and saying that noone should tell me what I can do and can not do.

Another aspect is on what level should I aim? I do want to aim high, and are prepared to work for it (it is now you should come with the stories of peeling potatoes and brunoise onions and all that, and I will be cocky and say "Bring 'em on!") I know and are aware of the fact that if I want to aim high and have big goals, I need to work my ass (with bleeding hands) of to reach my goals. One more aspect I have been thinking about is how the system works in USA, do you normally do your internship at one restaurant, and for how long?

In Denmark it is most common to do it at only one restaurant, but I (and the teachers agree) have the opinion that you gain so much by going to many kitchens.

My simple question became very long, so to sum it up; Is it possible for an European culinary student with some experience to get an internship in NY with for one year with a wage you can live on without any luxuries?

Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards,


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