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Has anybody had any experience with ordering for your operation over the 'net? Specifically, what have your experiences been with ordering general provisions (i.e. Sysco) or specialty items on the web?
Currently, our company is 'forcing' us to do the majority of our purchasing through a third-party vendor to buy our groceries, meats, seafood, paper products, etc. It has been a bit of a mess, so I was wondering if anybody else has had good/bad results. Also, does it seem as though it is worth the time & trouble to invest in on-line ordering or is it too soon to supply your outfit with such 'new' technology?
Currently, I am working on a wireless network so you can place your orders in real-time (while walking through your storeroom, you can remain connected to the web) eliminating the need to print out an order guide and then keying in the necessary items. Any input?


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I always placed my orders over the phone to an answering machine. Still I think internet ordering (especially if it is real time ordering) is the way to go. If a chef has the ability to go online see what fish is fresh and available then they can avoid fewer suprises. I think it will just take some time for our industry to catch up with the technology.
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The chef that I currently am sous chef for is very computer literate. Consequently, we do ordering on-line whenever possible. We use e-Sysco and also order on-line with a company called Reinhart. I haven't had much of a chance to play with either system, but when I have, they've been very helpful and user-friendly.
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I think what everyone needs to keep in mind about the internet is that while it is definitly multi-facited and dynamic, it is simply another form of communication. Nothing more, nothing less.

So encourage what you're doing, eventually people will catch up partially because they'll want to, and partially because they'll have to.

I do recommend you still provide the ability to print out an order guide for your clients. It's difficult enough to jump into a new way of doing things without having something familiar (like a printed orderform, or ordering draft). You can allow the clients to print out the ordering draft, make their selections, corrections, approvals, and final decistions before entering their data to complete the transaction.
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I use the US Foodservice progam and it is great at least for me. I have all the info at my finger tips and can place my order at any time which is great. I still see a salesperson who follows up brings new items, specials and the like. They also track my purchases for me and get my rebates for me. I have seen the sysco program but don't use them because they seem to change there product quality alot. But again thats me. I've looked into a couple of online buying houses and didn't feel I had enough control over who got my orders.
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