International culinary training experience - Temp.

Joined Sep 25, 2010
Hi folks,

I have an upcoming 2-3 month hiatus before starting a new job, and in my career field (Pilot) this type of break doesn't happen too often.  Being that I have an incredible interest in the food and restaurant business, I was hoping to use this time period to gain experience in a foreign country restaurant, primarily in supporting the chef.  I envision this as a submersion in the culinary world rather than going through formal training.  My career and it's schedule doesn't allow for any type of formal training unfortunately.  But, it does allow for essentially reduced fare travel to foreign places.  With this said, I am looking for an opportunity at a restaurant in a foreign country that is also a great country to visit for an American.  I'm interested in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, and some places in Europe.  If anyone is familiar with an opportunity such as this, please let me know.  I would like this opportunity to be paid (just to pay normal bills back home), temporary, and open to someone with the drive to learn the business.  Thanks in advance!

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