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For those curious, it's a link to lots of pictures of food and recipes for them. 

Your husband rocks.
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 Thanks gobblygook, I think he rocks too but well I am rather biased... (and I can say that after 25 years together and 23 of them married to him)

Enjoy the site
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French Fries - wow that brings back memories. I think one of the first cookbooks I ever opened - back when I was probably a pre-teen - had a potato prepared that way, and it looked so good and I tried it immediately and I don't remember if it even worked out but I believe it was the beginning of my love of food and cooking experimentation. Yes that pic and the one in my head which was a little more browned, crispy-edged and flaked with salt and pepper are the reason I just had to go for the run on sentence. YA!

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