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Chef David Simpson duscussed difficulties in catering to the stars up in catering; have you run into difficulties by having famous - or infamous - guests?

Catered a wedding in DC that a well known notorious (shall we say "connected") ACLU Labour guy was attending. All kinds of security guys running around. Made life a little interesting when you round the corner with a full tray amd some guy is talking to his wrist!...

Used to hang out at a bar in DC -- Newt Gingrich liked to also frequent our spot -- his security guys were always all over the place and didn't like it when anyone got in their direct line of vision -- couldn't have been easy for the FOH staff.

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I used to work with this woman that was involved with the whole SLA/Patty Hearst thing. You'd know her, if you're old enough, but I cannot say her name. Anyway, remember when they caught that last SLA lady in Minnesota under an assumed (duh!) name a while back? Well, we had cops sitting at tables outside waiting to talk to "X". "X" got all pissed off and told them to leave cause she wasn't giving any statements. We had newspeople coming in looking for "X", and then handing us their cards asking to have "X" call back. (These people were obnoxious customers, too.) We had people calling to interview "X", and if she wasn't there, they'd ask for her phone number. "X" was really pissed off about the whole thing coming up again. All in all, a pain in the *** . I'd hate to be famous--for any reason!
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