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I am in the process of offering to do entertainment for birthdays, festivals, fairs, and corporate parties with my "Cupcake Smile Bakery".  I have a collection of fun books, songs, games, and activities plus I create a pretend bakery with chocolate play dough.  My question is about insurance.  I make mini cupcakes with my babycakes maker and let the children frost, decorate, and eat the cupcakes.  Can anyone give me an idea if I need a special insurance for that?  I'm not really a full out caterer as I am really trying to be the entertainment part of the party.  Would a good contract be enough and legally binding?
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I am just a cook/DJ/dance instructor but I would recommend
  • Business liability insurance, at least $2,000,000
  • Food Safety Manager Certification (ServSafe, NRFSP, or similar, NOT Food Handler's Card!)
  • Business license for the cities/counties where you will work
  • If songs, music, etc., ASCAP/BMI/SESAC performer's license
  • Resellers permit, if your state requires it for what you plan to do.
  • Fictitious name registration (you'll need it to open a business bank account)
and that is just for starters. Your State should have a business center that tells you what you would need.

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Check with your local health department (through the county) to see what their guidelines are. And I'd recommend insurance without hesitation. Call any insurance company to inquire about it and they'll either be able to write a policy or recommend a company that can. With any business start-up, the more questions you ask the more you'll learn. And good luck! I've done cupcake parties where the kids frost and decorate their own cupcakes and they love doing it. Be prepared for the mess!!!
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...Call any insurance company to inquire about it and they'll either be able to write a policy or recommend a company that can....
You may have to go through several to find one that understands what you are proposing to do, much as personal chefs have to do, unless you want to pay way too much because the insurance agent/company wants to classify you as a caterer or something else.
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Unfortunately I think you will probably have to schedule what you are doing under a plain business liability plan. These don't cost

very much annually. I use Travelers.

This will also cover you, as a vendor' when your on someone elses property.(usually required).

Take your personal belongings,house,car etc. out of the liability equation. LLC, INC. etc.

and everything Chef McCracken lists.

Good Luch

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I am just starting to get my Catering business up and running in NYC. Many years as a private chef but this is the first time as a business owner.

Can anyone recommend an insurance carrier for NYC. I'm assuming I will need general Liability and liquor liability not sure what amounts I will need. Any help would be appreciated.
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get in touch with bob bleistein   classic coverage insurance  516.448.4212.  He insures many caterers in the tri state area - we've used him for 7-8 years and have recommended him to other caterers with good success.  These days you need at least 1 million but 2 is better.   We switched to Hartford 2 years ago when we got tired of paying extra for the additional insured many venues require.   He can steer you on many options included liquor.  You can google "eastern classic coverage insurance" for full contact details.
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