Instant Pot Hamburger Buns

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Mines came out hard. I found a recipe article online that teaches you how to make dough rise with the instant pot. I did all of that and then baked my bread in the oven. The only difference is I didn't put it back in the instant pot for the extra 30 min and I didn't cover the bread in a dutch oven. I don't have one and was going to use my roasting pan with the lid, but it was too big so I just put it in the oven on a cookie sheet uncovered. What did I do wrong? I also used instant yeast (which it called for) and whole wheat flour. I thought about using white lily but it wasn't wheat.
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Hard to know without seeing the recipe, but both of the differences you mentioned could easily lead to hard, unrisen, dense, dry bread. Can you post the recipe or a link, and we'll take a look?
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Well I think the first thing you did wrong was not follow the recipe. The instapot works with steam so that would add moisture to the dough I would think, same with the dutch oven covered, not to mention the fact that the texture would be softer in the covered container than left open to the dry air while baking.
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