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Seriously though, about once a month I inform people on this site that the difference between a deck oven and a convection oven is that with a convection, you manipulate the product to suit the oven , and with a deck, you manipulate the oven to suit the product. Same difference?

With advertising you supply the content and pay for it. With virtually any internet “service” you have no control over the content and still pay for it. Same difference?
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Just out of curiosity, what are they charging?

Back in the day F.B., Yelp, etc. would list or rate your business for free. But soon they would ask you to advertise with them— or failing that, pay a”fee” to have negative comments about your business removed.
Like the old bumper stickers you saw on beat up old Chevy vans used to say: Cash, grass, or Azz, no one rides for free”...
Twasnt good looking enough for either.
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Wow....buying Instagram likes....

Everyone on this thread tells me it’s Verboten ( not allowed) to equate web presence to sales, so I guess my next question would be:

“ How does buying Instagram likes put bums in chairs?”
Its a popularity contest on Instagram, likes puts bums in chairs by posting "photo worthy" foods, things that look aethetically pleasing but in reality are utter shit. The catering company I was with was super big on web presence, posted photos of the ambiance, sales reps, venues but hardly ever the food. People want to see what experience you can offer on the interwebs. To most people if it looks like a vibe they'll join
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I would avoid ANY service that allows you to buy likes and followers. They all can easily be identified as shills and can later reflect negatively on your reputation, as well as cause your account to be sanctioned by Facebook/Instagram.

A better way is to organically gain followers by cross-referencing on Twitter, using hashtags, doing contests and giveaways and cross promoting as much as you can. Building an online following is a huge, time-consuming task. If there was truly an easy way to get instantly online-famous, everybody would be doing it.
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I have honestly never bought a product based on instagram or facebook presence, but for me it sounds like it is just another form of advertising. No advertising is going to reach all markets, so you diversify your ads to reach various platforms. If instagram is one way than great I guess, but it's a little murky with forcing fake followers versus just increasing ad postings.

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