Inspiration - what to do with Beets in Red Wine?

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Hi All,

I'm hoping you might have some inspiring ideas for appies or other courses that will make the most of my beautiful pickled Beets in Red Wine (from Joy of Pickling, LInda Ziedrich).

Pulled right out of the garden in pickled in red wine & red wine vinegar, spiced with star anise, ginger & allspice, plus a bit of sugar, they'll be good by themselves, but I'd like to incorporate them with other ingredients.

Anyone have any ideas? with goat cheese in a salad? on a blini? puree?

looking forward to any ideas you might have!

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There's so many directions one can take with good pickled beats.  Personally, I lurve me some creaminess with traditional flavored pickled beats, but the added spices put a bit of curve into the pitch, so it's one of those things that I think I'd have to taste to really be able to pair up nicely.  Care to send me a jar for the sake of better suggestions?  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

If the additional spices add an undertone bite to the beets, you might be safe taking a more traditional East European route with them.  A citrus zest creme fraiche dollop, quenelle, or sauce for a salmon dish would be wonderful, maybe with some asparagus. 

You could go the salad route and still get some creaminess in there with a thick buttermilk or bleu cheese dressing with a peppery and/or bitter lettuce base. 

If they have a strong spiced flavor, you might consider pairing it with orange and scallops, light fish, chicken, or pork (really, most neutral flavored meats), or keeping them as the main flavor component of a salad with some apple or pear and pecan accents, a light oil drizzle with generous seasoning.

Typically chevre goes well with heavy spicing, sweet tones, and deep savory bits, so that might be worth a consideration. 
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Make a vinaigrette with some of the beets. Toss with some mesculun and top with beet wedges, orange filets, toasted macadamias , and ricotta cheese...or add some horseradish to the vinaigrette and toss with spinach topped with julienned beets, thinly sliced grilled flank steak, toasted walnuts, and blue cheese crumbles
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Hollow out an apple and dice the meat of it. Drain beets and place inside hollow apple. Top with crumpled Feta and sprinkle diced apple Dipped in lemon or lime  juice and drained ,mixed with dry cranberries around the plate  chill and serve.
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Thank you for your suggestions!  I knew cheftalk would be the right place to go for inspiration!

I found some creamy feta, Macedonian? not as crumbly as the usual feta, but works really well. I also love trying the idea of pairing them with salmon -- there was a record-breaking sockeye run last month, and I have a freezer-full.

Ed, I will use your idea for Christmas!  (spinach, beets, thinly sliced flank steak, nuts, blue cheese -- that would never have occured to me, but it sounds really good)

thank you all again, I think I might have to make another batch!

warm regards,

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