Insomnia ??

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Does anyone else work graveyard shifts ?, if you do you'll know what I mean, I've worked so many graveyard shifts in the past two years, I probably pulled close to 200 last year alone, anyway now that I'm starting to work two afternoons and then two or three graveyards in the same week, I'm having a problem sleeping after 12 am, doesn't matter what I try, just can't sleep. Can anyone give me some suggestions.
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Aerobic activity would help deepen the sleep.

The following herbs will help to induce sleep: Valerian Root, Chamomile, Catnip (YES YES YES!), Scullcap and Skookum herb. Purchase them in either cut or "shredded" form and not already put into tea bags.

Another sleep inducing tea is called VIRO TEA from Indiana Botanic Gardens. Get it in loose form and not in capsules. It's a mixture of about 10 or 15 herbs, some of which I've already mentioned.

I do not recommend any herb that I haven't tried, either. :D

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