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I've never been great at introducing myself, so here goes.

First off, it's great to find a community of culinary professionals. I've lurked here quite a bit, and there are a lot of interesting discussions that I plan on taking part in.
I worked as a line cook through most of high school and early college until I could get a 'real' job, y'know, with a desk, and a computer and a shirt and tie. When I got my desk job, I found that it wasn't what I wanted at all. I missed the barely-contained chaos of a Friday night dinner rush. After getting downsized, I spent a while trying to decide what to do with my life. After much disagreement from friends and family, I started taking night classes towards a culinary skills diploma at the local college.
Taking these courses led me to a job in the kitchen of a local homeless shelter. It's not four star dining, but I think I've learned a lot more there than I could in a nicer place where I would probably have a smaller role. Not to mention that my clientele is a lot more ...ahem... interesting than most other places, so there's never a dull moment.
I've also recently developed an interest in sports nutrition. Eventually, I may like to work as a chef to a major sports team, or to olympic athletes. But there are so many different options in the culinary field that it's hard to pick just one possible career.
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Welcome Rockzilla! You get an A for your introduction because it's easy to pick up on your energy and zest for your work.

Enjoy looking around and hop onto the threads that interest you. We'll look forward to your posts.

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Nice of you to join us! make yourself right at home...

You have an interesting job and I'm sure you must have some really great stories. Can't wait to hear them!

Good luck with the sports nutrition effort. Sounds like you're a real go-getter and I'm sure it's a discipline you'll have no trouble breaking into.
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