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We’re looking for a creative person with culinary experience that’s going to help us with our local start-up. We’re looking to develop a McDonalds of crepes/pancakes, so to say, meaning that we’re aiming high. We’re looking to create a big variety of choices, offering our clients the ability to personalize their own crepes/pancakes by selecting whatever ingredient they want. We’re aiming for 40-50 SWEET ingredients (ice creams, different melted chocolates/nuttelas, fresh/frozen fruits, toppings, and sweets like Oreo, M&Ms, etc) Moreover, we also want to offer a “salty” menu of special pancakes (Calzone is an example)

We will professionally brand ourselves, hoping to enter the international market in a matter of a few years. What we’re actually looking for is culinary vision and knowledge, elements that are truly essential for an impactful start-up and not only. Here’s what you need to be able to do:

a) Understand our brand, our mission, and our expectations.

b) Help us develop our menu by coming up with creative ideas

c) Help with the development of mixed offers (X type of crepes + milk/ Y fresh/ Z smoothie)

d) Offer us consultancy on the culinary aspects of our business If you believe that your imagination and expertise could make a big impact, we’re waiting forward to hearing from you as soon as possible! Because we’re protecting our idea, you’ll only get the other important details once we get in touch.

Start your application letter with “culinary talent” so we know you have read the entire posting.

Send it to: [email protected]
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