Injection for Meat

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Does anyone have feedback on those gadgets I've seen lately to inject flavors into meat? It strikes me as a quick alternative to brining for those of us who are not always organized enough to do it ahead.
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One of my friends has one and it works okay. You kinda feel like a doctor with a real big syringe. Or someone from the cast of Outbreak. :eek:


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I get my syringe and needles from my doctor, just make sure you get the biggest needle available. It works fine, but I never tried the one that are for sale. I always get carried away playing with it. I'll inject just about everything I can think of. The obvious is to inject meat, poultry or fish. It's great for turkey or any meat even fish.

I injected chocolate syrup into cakes, grenadine syrup in pears.

I never tried it in lobster though but why not? I wonder what would happend if melted butter was injected in the lobster. :confused:
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Forget the doctor as a syringe source. Visit ALLIEDKENCO.COM for meat injectors as well as all of your butcher and meat needs.


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I like mine. Faster than marinade and deeper penetration. Great for those troublesome meats that sometimes end up dry: pork and turkey.

My tips are to puree the marinade and finely strain out some for injection. The injectors tend to clog on herbs and garlic bits. Return the strained bits to the marinade for flavor or reduction or whatever.

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