Injecting trehalose into fish to keep protein cells structured

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Yeah, I know, what a subject line. I thought of those that cook professionally when I read this. I found trehalose about 10 years ago, but the Japanese company had no plans on making it commercially for a sweetener as they were making it for cosmetics because it works as a humectant. I didn't have the money to do anything about it and FINALLY a usa company 'found' it and bought the rights to market it. but the price is high. If someone could figure out which enzyme to use and how to use it, they could make it as well.

talks about injecting a solution into fish before it's frozen to retain the protein structure. Just how cool is that? And you can use sea buckthorn oil, from Blue Sage Naturrals to preserve it [it works as an antioxidant for meat] If this is not the place to post things like this having to do with making food better with food, please point me in the correct direction. 

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