Ingredients supplier in N.California?

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Greetings everyone!

I would love to get some assistance from chefs located in California.

I have been hired by a new kosher bakery located in north California to manage and prepare their sweet baked goods (they have someone else manning the breads and yeast dough products). However, being non kosher and brand new to the area I am unfamiliar with varies food suppliers.

The one they are using has the worst ordering system, ie they have non! which makes it impossible for me to see which products they have in stock and being able to do proper ordering.

So I am wondering if you guys may be able to provide some recommendations for food supplier in California and who delivers to the bay area. My next move would be to use one of the big companies like Cisco (do they even operate in north California?).
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Chef's Warehouse out of San Leandro, ItalFoods, Better Brands, Sysco are some of the major ones.

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