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Hi all, I'm am trying to figure out an ingredient I saw on a plate but did not try: the component of the dish looks texturally amazing and I want to play with it for my own menu.

The ingredient was paired with a seafood curry, was possibly deep-fried, crispy threads that looked like saffron but much longer and a bit darker in colour. It was piled on top of a bit of salad and looked absolutely delightful. The friend that was eating it describes the flavour as like paprika (I didn't try myself due to Covid)

I would love any ideas on what this may be, thank you in advance!


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Probably red bell pepper finely shredded.

I've mostly seen it on Japanese dishes
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Just the skin of the capsicum? The texture is that akin to fried parsnip or sweet potato, but literally looks like saffron, but glossy. How do you get capsicum into hair-like threads and crispy?
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Yeah they are chili threads, you should be able to find em in most Korean food stores. Sorry about thew late response, Day of the dead/ halloween is always a whirlwind.

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