Infusing Coconut Oil

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I am developing a line of gourmet popcorns for a company here is SC. I have done dry ingredients, but they seem to burn in the kettle. Thought flavoring the oil might be a better solution. However there popcorn is popped in COCONUT OIL.
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well i know that....however this is what they have been popping there corn in for 75 years. they just want me to help them expand there product line.
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I haven't tried using coconut oil on pop corn. But I'll try soon. @Foodie, the reason why they burn maybe you set too much fire.
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coconut oil is actually good for your health. it has a lower chance of Lipid peroxidation which effects DNA, protein and membrane structure, formation of age pigment and in the deposition of plaques associated with low-density lipoprotein modification. It serves as a good antioxidant that prevents free radicals . The transfat are medium chained fats that has been known to raise the metabolism . Then again there needs to be more studies on this. imo I believe its good for you on certain levels.

Enough of that

I have a recipe for Chili Oil
2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup dried red chile flakes
keeps for 1 month

mix together in a pan and cook on medium low heat for 20 minutes

Cilantro oil
1 bunch of cilantro and 3/4 oil
puree them in a blender or w/e you got.
refrigerate overnight and strain it. keeps up for 1 week.

So based on those recipes you might be able to follow the chili oil recipe for dry ingredients and the cilantro recipe for fresh ingredients.
I let my oil infuse with my ginger garlic paste and onion paste overnight( which has alot of spices like garam masala , tumuric,cumin,coriander , tomato paste), it adds more flavor when I cook curry.

Hope this might give you a clue. these are recipes using vegetable oil but you can give it a shot.

edit: for grounded spices I would heat it in oil on medium heat until it releases its aromatics ( around 1 min) and let it in infuse in the fridge at least overnight till you want to use it
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Similar to "global warming", the "jury" is still out on "tropical oils" (read, highly saturated fats). There are a whole lot of people that have survived many long years eating nothing but tropical oils.

The BIG concern, at present, is trans-fats, and we'll see where that goes.

Without question, the whole saturated fats versus unsaturated fats versus trans-fats issue needs a considerable amount of validated, peer-reviewed, and controlled study to bypass the emotional and anecdotal arguments, either pro or con.
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