infues whipped cream

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I'd like to serve a dessert accompanied by some flavored whipped cream, probably lemongrass or something similar.
I was thinking of infusing the cream (heat it up to boiling with the lemongrass) and then cooling it off.
Will boiling the cream affect the ability to whip to firm peaks? Any other way of doing this?
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In short, yes.  When you heat cream up like that (such as in ultra high temperature pasteurized cream) proteins are denatured among other things which inhibits the whipping process.  I suggest either making an extremely strong syrup by smashing it up in some simple syrup and vigorously straining it (nothing strong enough to dilute it too much) or to do a prolonged cold infusion.  Even if you can get some or extract lemongrass oil would be a good alternative.
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If you want to experiment with flavored whip creams and foams you might consider getting a cream whipper that uses Nitorous oxide.
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