info on "molecular gastronomy" technique

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i hate the term, but i am looking for some good resources on "molecular" techniques. i've googled a lot but come up with a lot of different procedures and most of it confusing to me. i really know nothing about it, but my chef and i are trying to kind of teach ourselves. 

are there any good books out there yet? i know about "allinea", "el bulli", "fat duck", "molecular gastronomy" by herve this, etc....i'm looking for something more along the lines of jacque pepin's complete techniques, but for "mg".

just a good website with very detailed info. we really want to play around with it, but are having a hard time finding a good one stop source of information.

any help is very much appreciated!
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Grab the Alinea cookbook from your local library. I am sure there are techniques abound in that book.

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