Info on knives?

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This will probably be a bit scattered, forgive me in advance.

I love kitchen knives (as I imagine most of you do as well).

I've been looking around "seeing what's out there" and I see some "interesting" new more custom-ish knife companies, like Pie Cutlery, and Nora. They're new, and with such small batches coming out of them, are hard to really find reviews. They're scarce as far as storefront options as well, so touching one pre-purchase could be tough as well. Aesthetically I'm attracted to what they offer in quite a few cases, and I think it's pretty cool that they're local-ish. I'm wondering if anybody else has heard much about them?

I'm more into the Japanese profile knives, than Western. Not big on the big belied high tip knives. I would love to buy a Takamura, but can't seem to find any place that they're readily in stock.

Also, does anybody have any suggestions on trying more of a trying a wa-handled knife? Only ever been in contact with the western styled knives, and there isn't exactly a plethora of knife stores where I live.
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Of course, I'm interested in other similar knives, and open to all suggestions.

Note: I don't really care about something being "damascus", this just happened to be a profile, and handle (at least visually) that I like.
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I, too am curious buying a Nakiri or a Santoku knife as I began my new job as a pantry chef preparing vegetables, meats, tofu, other proteins making salads. This is pretty exciting position that I took from the catering companies in the US as this is entry level work and learning by tasting a mixture of textures and tastes of different vegetables, vinaigrettes, dressings and other ingredients.
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