Induction Cooktops

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We are remodeling our kitchen and looking at all options.  I am leaning towards a 5 burner induction cooktop with an oven underneath.  What should I look for in an induction cooktop?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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I recently bought an induction range and I love the induction top.  It heats way faster than gas or electric and is much easier to clean.  You need to decide what width you need, how many hobs in what sizes, and any other features.  Compare watts on the largest hobs.  Be aware that the cooktop and oven will likely each require a 240V, 50 amp circuit and plan your wiring accordingly.

Lots more information here:

The appliance and kitchen forums on GardenWeb have a lot of discussions on this topic, including the need for different features and comparisons of different brands:
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Another factor that interests me is even heating. Low priced gas burners (and I have read that even some high priced gas burners) have uneven flames and thereby, uneven heating.  I actually have to turn my big frying pan as I cook when I'm trying to brown or sear something evenly.  It doesn't matter at what heat level.  If I don't do this, one side will actually burn while the other will barely brown.  Every gas range I've had has done this.

If induction solves this problem, it's a no-brainer to me.  There's nothing not to like IMO.
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