Induction cookers

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These are great, I have a breafast chain that I have been converting from 36" hot tops with a 2 burner unit to 10 burner inductions

ALL the eggs cook 1/3 faster

scrambled eggs 20 sec. unbelievable.

The problem I have Had ( I have 40 units out on sites) is they are glass tops and Have broken (2) in the last 6 months it cost about $1100 - $1500 to fix  a new units is $2500 I have been using Vollrath and if the glass breaks I have to crate and ship back to a service agency to fix which takes awhile so I keep a spare on hand,

The amoount of heat I took out of the cook line is unbeleavable too.. One of the man reasons I recommend induction ranges



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The glass is more fragile. I suspect that some of the Gorilla Glass and related advances will come to these surfaces to improve their durability. 

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