Indigo Grill

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We just got back from San Diego where we ate at the Indigo Grill, amongst other places, and the food was some of the most exciting, eclectic, that I've had in a long time. I had a spice rubbed bone-in rib steak filled with honey roasted garlic and huitlacoache', a nice mole' accompanied it and my wife had a pecan crusted trout with a mango beurre blanc. WOW! Excellent!
Anyone else been there?

Oh, and Cafe 222 for outstanding breakfasts!:cool: :) ;)
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Cafe 222 was where my husband and I had breakfast everyweekend for a couple years! Sarah the cook, and Robert the waiter became like family to us!

Oh, man did you bring back a flood of wonderful memories for me!! :lips:

We lived one block east of there. Miss it terribly!

Never did make it to Indigo Grill, tho. Too many other wonders outside our front door!
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