Indian Pudding

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would anyone know where I might get a tool for cooking indian pudding the item is a tin box it was used in the 50's or so I believed the pudding was boiled in it thanks I'm new to this site and appreciate any help
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Hello Phyllis, and welcome to Chef Talk. I hope someone is able to answer your query. Also, please stop in the Welcome Forum and introduce yourself. We'd like to give you a proper welcome to our community.

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Pudding molds are very readily available at flea markets, antique stores, yard sales, that kind of thing. I have collected a bunch over the years. You want one? I've made Indian pudding in a shallow pan like a half hotel pan or a 9x9 Pyrex. At a certain point during the baking you have to pour milk into it. Don't know how you could do that in a mold, but other puddings can be steamed in them.
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