In the market for a new 36" slide in range

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    Hi All,

    I'm new to forum and need some advice.

    I'm in the market for a new 36" range.

    Does anyone have any experiencing cooking on the new Wolf range?

    I have narrowed down my choices to 3, I think I am eliminating the Kitchenaid as it only comes with a griddle and I have decided on getting a charbroiler.

    So it looks like it between the Wolf and the BlueStar.  Any comments and advice welcome.

    Also, I heard from local BlueStar dealer the new 48" you can change out the griddle and charbroiler yourself but he says this is not available on the 36" yet.  Does anyone know if this info is accurate.

    Here are the pros and cons I have seen with each...


    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Great aesthetics

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]New model for 2013, barely 6 months on market.  I'd rather have all the kinks worked out on a tested and proven model.

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Bad review on consumer reports

    [if !supportLists][endif]

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Burners – highest is 15k BTU Last year’s model was 16k BTU

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Grill  has 16k BTU

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Not Self Cleaning

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Configuration is 3 X 15k BTU burners and 1 X 9K BTU burner


    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Looks nice but no red knobs LOL

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Dual fuel (Wolf’s Dual Fuel is $9k to $10k!)

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Great Review

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Burner goes to 20k BTU

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]No grill only griddle

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Self Cleaning

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Configuration is 2 X 15K BTU burners, 1 X 20K BTU and 1 X 5k BTU

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Electronic front display


    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Looks Nice but Wolf seems to have better fit and finish.

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Good and bad reviews (range has great reviews, not great at simmering, oven not so good) 

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Burners go to 22k BTU (which some people say is the only way to use a wok properly 15k BTU won’t cut it.)  22k BTU will   boil eggs super fast LOL!

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Grill available 15k BTU

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Not Self Cleaning (I think, still trying to confirm but 90% sure its not)

    [if !supportLists]-           [endif]Configuration is 2 X 22k BTU burners, 1 X 15k BTU and 1 X simmer