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I work for a major good chain checking groceries and just love the interaction with the public and the kids too. This cooking thing give me an enormous amount of material to work on with the customers. If they buy ginger I can talk about my uses of it or I can share new ways to improve simple recipies like putting lemon zest on garlic bread.

I think if I can create more interest in fine dining I am doing a great service for my employer.

I dont want credit as I did mention the companies name.

I also get some reward in return because if I mention something like my new interest in gardening I get alot of help from my long time friends at the checkout.

Just a little snapshot of one mans humble life.
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whole foods? whenever i purchase items at whole foods the cashiers ask what i am doing with it, and or provide suggestions... i dont mind however sometimes the other online feel it slows down the check out process if we stop and chat.
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Go you Kevin!

It must give you pleasure to pass on your knowledge and I expect you get a lot of feedback plus ideas from the shoppers too...
...Spread the word eh?
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I dont slow down too much and it really is appreciated by the customers.

Thanks for the replies.
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