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So I applied for a position at a pretty high end restaurant in town. low and behold they call me for an interview. I go there totally thinking im not qualified but whatever. Go in talk to the Chef and the next thing I know he wants me to come in for a shift. Now im crapping my pants. im 99% sure im gonna go down in flames which is fine if I learn from it. But I really want this job. Hell Id work at this place for free. (didnt tell them that lol)

Im just really freaking out! Any advice?
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Be there 15 minutes early, ask questions only when you must, listen with both ears, ou'll be fine.

Take a DEEP breath!
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You don't say what position it is...

I'll just say that the most important thing is attitude. Make sure that you do things exactly like they show you, don't talk to much (unless asked a question or have to ask a question about something important). Work efficiently and cleanly. 

You don't have to know everything to get the job, but you should give them the impression that you are trainable and a hard worker. 
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This is a very good key point. 
You don't have to know everything to get the job, but you should give them the impression that you are trainable and a hard worker. 
Be confident of what you can do and don't cut off any fingers worrying about what you can't do yet. 
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ATTITUDE< ATTITUDE   This is key here. As Pete says ask questions, but also keep your eyes opened and absorb all you can. Good Luck.


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Listen very carefully.  If someone asks you to dice onions you ask what size.
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We all go down in flames during service at one point or another. It's just the nature of the job. You're a new guy at a restaurant you don't know, with no training on the menu, on your first night, of course you're going to hit weeds. It's not that you hit the weeds (unless you did something really dumb to get there), it's how you recover. Calm head, no panic, keep communication up, grind it out.

Keep your spot clean and organized!

Get good sleep before, and don't forget to eat. Bring a couple of granola bars in your knife roll, just in case.

Bring a pocket sized notepad and extra pens.

Most important, don't be afraid. Because fear is the mind killer blahblahblah.

I would always accidentally cut myself during the first week of every job. Every single dang time. I psyched myself out too much.
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Do your best not to freeze and stop thinking or talking... you have to communicate with the rest of the team. I am not saying you should talk about baseball... Listen more than you talk. I can not tell you how important this is. Show you have a teachable spirit and you will be fine.
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Just the way I do things - 9 times out of 10 I will hire a person with little experience over a person with a lot of experience.  Why?  Because over the years I've come to find that a lot of the people that tell me have a ton of experience have a ton of bad habits.  If someone doesn't know how to make something I can teach him to do it the way I want it done, and know he will do it that way because it's the only way he knows how.  I've had too many people come in and show me there skills, I tell them I prefer it to be done my way, and they revert back to their old ways.

In other words, sometimes an inexperienced hard worker willing to learn is better than an experienced chef/cook stuck in his/her ways.

If he hired you he saw something in you.  Run with it, "don't complain, and do what your told - eventually you'll be a good cook...not as good as me, but good" (words of my father to me when I was 15 starting to cook in his kitchen, ha!   
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KId, do the best you can. Be proud of doing the best you can, but be more than willing to improve. Run away from any boss that wants to "test" you for more than a week. And also, if you're offered "... a really crap salary to start with so that [they] know [you] are not [there] solely for the money ...", run away too, but tell your boss to kiss your tookus (hinie) first. 

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