in need of recipe for cavatelli with broccoli

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by cookingitalian, Apr 21, 2006.

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    HI, I'm preparing a meal for my friend's birthday and I have recently learned that her favorite dish is Cavatelli with broccoli. I have looked on the internet at many recipes but I would like to make the dish that would be most commonly found in New York City as that is where she grew up. If anyone could help I would be very appreciative. Thanks so much.
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    Dishes like this can be anything that someone's mother, aunt, grandmother used to make...............they can be highly personal.

    But here's my italian heritage guess. The cavatelli is only a type or shape of the pasta; so don't get bogged down with the name; look at recipes with the basic " scooped ear shape" pasta. The idea is that the similiar shapes hold the sauces. Second, I'd bet that originaly the dish was made with "Broccoli Rabe" which is bitter green. So look for recipes with that ingrediant. The food network had someone making the dish, in the last year or so, check there.

    I was served a pasta dish made cavatelli a few months ago that was pretty good. Half the guests thought it had broccoli in it????? (I don't why, but a lot of folks don't recognize ingrediants, it was a parsley, dijon, and lemon juice) The hostess showed us the recipe on the Barilla cavatelli pasta box. It could be real decent and easy with some grilled chicken breast strips, add a little sauteed red bells or sundried toms.