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im trying to find restraunts that use primary sauces in/on their contemporary menu , but ive had no luck ... please help :)
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Are you talking about the "Mother sauces"?With regards to specific restaurants, I would think it would vary widely, depending on their specific menus, and may fluctuate either daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.If you can be a little more specific as to what you are looking for, perhaps the answers may be more on point.
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Hers my assignment.

 Find, via the internet, library, or physical search, primary (mother, leading, grand) sauces on a contemporary menu. Write a description of the restaurant using these sauces.

            The following are the guidelines for the report:
  1. The finished project must be typed and be a minimum of 350 words in length and must include a cover page.
  2. A font of no larger than 12 pt may be used.  The line spacing can’t exceed 1 ½. Spacing between paragraphs should not exceed 2.
  3. In the overview, answer the following questions:
  1. What is the name of the restaurant?
  2. Where is the restaurant located?
  3. How long has the restaurant been in business?
  4. How has the cuisine been described?
  5. Who is the executive chef?
  6. Is the Chef classically trained?
  7. Is he the owner? How long has the chef worked at this restaurant?
  8. List the dishes that incorporate the primary sauces.
  9. Which one of the dishes incorporating the primary sauce would you order if you were a customer?  Why?
  10. Would you think about doing your externship in the restaurant? Why or why not?
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