In need of help with gummy bear recipe/preperation

Discussion in 'Professional Pastry Chefs' started by flendoaa, Apr 30, 2014.

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    Been researching gummy recipes for a while now and cant seem to find a good commercial one.  I need a recipe that is mold resistant and as clear as possible.  Right now we are having trouble with foam so there is definitely something we are doing wrong.  Is there a pay service I can talk to someone professional?  I am new to all this so I am sorry if my questions seem industry dumb. 
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    Whats the problem with foam your having? Bubbles in the mixture making it cloudy? Ive done funniest plenty of times on a smaller scale, how large of an operation are you doing? Your using starch beds? Im not sure of a pay service, but im sure youll (in time anyways) be able to make connections with other in the confectionery industry. Btw, any gummie your making should be mold resistant, if there's too much water in the gel, youll see it start to sweat, then you have a problem. I wouldnt worry about mold since a gummie is so concentrated with sugar, its not like a simple syrup or glaze.

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