In need of beef recipes to cater at a wedding?

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I am looking for some beef recipes that I can use to cater an upcoming wedding. The wedding is for 200 people and we will serve two entrees. I chicken and 1 beef. Looking for recipes that will keep well in a chafing dish or large roaster.
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There is no enough information here, how many of you are doing it, what do you have in the kitchen etc but for 200 people I would do something braised, that can be done in advance and reheated, like short rib or shin of beef. You can fancy it up by braising it in Marsala wine or Port, and have it on some nice pure, celeriac or butternut squash springs to mind or indeed potato with maybe some truffle oil. Purple sprouting brocolli ( brocolli rabe) would go nice with that or asparagus  The briising liquid would make a nice jus for the dish.You have a lot of options really, saffron risotto is one of them as a garnish. You could roast  a few large  joints and serve that sliced You need to be able to bang it out quickly that is a main thing and a lot will depend on your facilities. 

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