In desperate need of info on Grants for Culinary School

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I'm in need of any information anyone has regarding grants for school. I'm going to be attending Scottsdale Culinary Institute in July, and was shot down for a loan from Sally Mae, but need a way to pay for it. I am looking for any leads on grants so I don't have to owe as much. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Do you understand the difference between a grant, loan, and scholarship? Have you filled out your FAFSA? is the best place to start for scholarships, but they are scholarships not grants. I got about $2000 using fastweb but it took me about a year. Also and are useful resources. The American Culinary Federation ( the National Restaurant Assoication ( also award money and is where I got the rest of my money for culinary school through their college bound loan. Finally look for achivement loans through your school, these are awarded based on GPA and keeping a 4.0 through college forgives the loan and you owe nothing.

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Although the info given is more than sufficient, for first year students offers a scholarship program on website, click on HotLinks/RestaurantEdge Scholarship Fund on left hand side of home page...uniforms, tools, cash, subscriptions and more...

Chef Mike
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Hey Nicko,

No...I am on the Board and do research, writing, and am the consulting chef...not-for-paychecks I might add...I just love the business and I love to write...I have been with REdge for about 4 years now...

I also was honored to give away our first scholarship, I felt like Monty Hall...

We gave the two scholarship recipients cash prize, uniforms, garde manger kit, full knife set, subscriptions to a few different industry mags, food safety CD's among some other was awesome...

I do have review and comment on the essays submitted by the scholarship hopefuls also.

Peace my friend,
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Click here and scroll down to the third post from the bottom or so; there's a bunch of links to information you might find useful.
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