in answer to mixing methods for freezing,the secret world of cakes, from what i know.

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Freezing a well wrapped cool cake is a good thing. It helps tighten the crumb and keeps moist.

Wash cake before wrapping for best results.

When ready to fill and ice, thaw overnight in ref.

Slice, wash, fill, crumb coat and chill.

Ice and decorate.

Seems like many steps but best result is achieved.

Allow cake to warm before cutting and serving, this will let your cake become softer and the icing smoother.

This is what I know, it ain't much, but it's mine.

methods du jour:

Whipping eggs and sugar together and folding dry and melted fat.

Chiffon, whipping eggs seperatly and folding in dry.

and creaming, cream fat with sugar add liquid and dry.

1,2,3 method.

Liquid shortening, in a class by itsself.

Who can add to the list??

I knew you could!
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Thanks Momoreg!
And when I say warm cake I simply mean remove from the cooler and let set out for a time.
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