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Every time lately that I cook a pork tenderloin, I make risotto to go alomg with it.

Not great photo but I'm still figuring out the xoom's camera. Yes three would have looked better than two but I didn't want tnree. Long asparagus too, but it arrived just before service and it was a very fast prep.

Any other suggestions instead of risotto next time
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Stuffing gives you a acceptable savory medium to pair fruit and nuts with your tenderloin while also counting as a starch.
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Most root vegetables, served as a mash, go good with pork loin. Rutabaga, parsnips, and celeraic work particularly well.
Absolutely KYH, I often make a mash of boiled potato+carrot+seasoning. Delicious!

You can do a lot of things with tenderloin. Just posted this one I made yesterday;  with a Cross & Blackwell sauce;  

And another recent thread; with cauliflower puree and humble potatoes;  
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As already suggested, pork tenderloin needs a bit of help. Stuffing it or slicing it then pounding with a meat hammer and marinating or dry rubbing can help before giving it a sear in hot oil. I would aim to serve it medium. Season the meat well with salt before searing but don't add salt to a marinade or dry rub.

Dry drizzling a flavoured oil over it. I serve it on occasion with a gingered yam mash and some wilted greens. A simple pan jus is all it needs for sauce.

Whatever you're cooking, keep it simple and focus on the flavour........remember that caramelization and reduction are key in sauce making.

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If you are looking for sides to serve with the pork,

try red cabbage braised with apples and grated pasilla peppers

as suggested above taters do go well, how about a brussel sprout and mashed potato thing

roasted baby reds with lots of black pepper and rosemary

port and demi with a little shallot make a great sauce for tenderloin

sage also pairs really well with pork, how about gnocchi with brown butter and sage

sweet potato gnocchi would hit the spot as well

I was raised in the mid-west and so I have a big place in my heart for breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches.

It is basically a thick slice of tenderloin pounded very thin, dipped in seasoned flour, eggwash, and then bread crumbs before frying.
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I recently made a nice pork tenderloin with red cabbage shredded & stir-fried with both roasted & fresh garlic and apple cider vinegar, water chestnuts sprinkled with a little orange zest and a juniper-redcurrant sauce.

Another option is make an orzotto with barley instead of a risotto, use a little thyme and maybe a touch of creme fraiche at the end and serve with a couple of roasted apple slices as well as whatever nice veg you have.
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I like Bishop's ideas.

Just a thought - how about a ground black pepper and sea salt coating once the loin is oiled.....put the pepper and salt on some parchment/greaseproof paper then roll it in the seasoning.  I'd serve it after browning and roasting with a red wine and onion sauce (sorry to all who love fruit with meat, it just ain't me :)  )

Roasted veg as in parsnip, beetroot, sweet potato with rosemary and garlic would go well.

Let us know what you do!
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