Improving or Destroying Emerils Chili

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I am getting ready to hop into Emerils Chili. This is a figurative messge and should not be construed in a literal context.

Would a little of the dark roux I have sitting in the freezer improve it. It took a while to make. If the group approves of me using this idea could I defrost it all then use just half and throw the rest back in the freezer?

Would a little of the leftover pulp from the vegetable broth I pureed and put in the freezer improve the body of the dish?

I using year old frozen pork loin bought on sale as opposed to the behind that the recipe calls for. I bought stuff on sale a long time ago and have to put it to use.

Please bear in mind that if you give me bad advice I will expose you to the group and you will be a social outcast.
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I'm not afraid of you! :p :lol:

Roux: no, it won't. That settles that.

Leftover veg pulp: maybe. But it won't help the flavor any, since it may not have much flavor left. And if it does, it will skew the chili towards a vegetable taste.

Pork loin: again, maybe. I presume that by "behind" you mean pork butt? Which is actually from the front of the animal (= shoulder; don't ask my why they call it butt, I don't know). Anyway, loin is much leaner. So it cooks up much drier. You have to be careful that you cook it slowly, with gentle heat; otherwise it will turn into little pellets of compressed sawdust. And of course, make sure it doesn't have freezer burn; if it does, cut those parts away before you use it, because they are just nasty.
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Thank you and yes I meant butt but did not know if it was considered a four letter word.

I learned something today. I dont think I will mess with the adding anything and I am boiling the loin so it should be gentle enough.

I have peppers broiling so I must run.

Nice to hear from you.

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