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A partner chef and I want to use a particular ingredient that comes from the sap of the coconut sprout. It's close to molasses with rare coconut flavor. I know of a place to get it on an island in the pacific, but I am still in the process of understanding the regulations behind an idea like this.

1. Has anyone imported any ingredients like this? If so, what should I do to make sure that I am in line with the FDA regulations?

2. Would I need to have the product pasteurized before shipment, or can I pasteurize it upon arrival?

3. Has anyone used this product before and know of a easier and/or safer way to get it?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Everything that moves from a supplier to a customer (foreign or domestic) is required to have a bill of lading describing the contents.

I would check with 1. the supplier for the specs and 2. research import laws concerning the item (noting who you talked to in case there is a problem down the line)

Would be a shame for this (most likely very expensive) product to be tagged for disposal by the port authorities.


About pasteurization..... this very rare product may be ruined by high heat (so I would check with the manufacturer about that as well).


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