Import Tax on JCK order?!!!

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    Hi Guys

    I just received a letter through from parcelforce stating that i have to pay import tax and a handling fee of £23.50 for me to receive my Fujiwara santoku and petty!!!

    I thought that ordering through JCK was just $7 and there was no import taxes to pay?

    Just checked their website and could not find anything on there stating that i would have to pay import taxes?

    Has anybody else had to pay import taxes when ordering from JCK?

    BDL - Just seen a reply you made in a recent post saying that JCK are the masters of avoiding import taxes? 

    Should this be the case?

    I live in the UK


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    There are some on the forum that have done this a bunch and they can speak to this better than i can. But, this is my experience. First, i live in the US. And, it sounds like the rules can change quite a bit depending on where one lives. So, you might be able to find some UK specific info somewhere.
    I wanted to order a knife directly from a hamono because the price (for the knife) was pretty sweet. I figured i had to get spanked somewhere, so i looked up duties on imports into the US. I found a free calculator online because i didnt want to pay or look through the million page govt document. I entered all info into the calculator (product type, cost, shipping...) and it spewed out that there is no duty on a kitchen knife under 200$ in the US. I took the internet calculator with a grain of salt. I figured 30$ duty would still make it a good buy. It arrived friday (5 days later...expecting 10!). No extra duty.
    Previously, I had ordered a hankotsu (
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    I believe that Koki doesn't say anything about the possibility of import tax because well, its kind of common sense. You're importing something. I'm a little confused as to why you thought that JCK would be exempt to import taxes?

    He does his best to keep them down, but at the end of the day its not down to him - its down to the customs official who opens the package and checks it out.

    I think if you contact parcelforce and tell them you won't pay, they will return the items to JCK and you'll only be out the 7$ for postage, but I'm not sure on that.
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    In the past, JCK assigned a false creative value to their shipments and duties were assessed accordingly.  It Appears Her Majesty's Office of Myths, Fables, and Duties have penetrated the heretofore inscrutable mystery.  You and whatever sense of humor remained in the civil service are victims of "austerity."

    My apologies for misleading you.  It was the best information I had at the time.

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    Import taxes have little to do with any vendor. If you owe import taxes then that's the way it is no matter who you order from. Creative accounting and the luck of the draw @ Customs can have an impact but most etailers will not fudge numbers to help your tax bill. That's an unrealistic expectation. Web sites that say any thing about import taxes simply state that all taxes, duties, fees etc are your responsibility. JCK charges $7 for freight. That has nothing to do with Tax.
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