Imperia Pasta Machine

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I am not sure what forum this would really go under but it is equipment. I bought a home use Imperia pasta machine 5-7 years ago and I am not sure on the model number. It is about $70.00 and is the home use one. I have only actually used it 6 times or so, and today it broke. I opened it up to find that the part that connects the roller to the stand was made of PLASTIC and cracked to pieces. My question is, Can I buy just a replacement roller? If So where? If not, what are some durable brands that are not made with essential pieces made from plastic. If I have to buy a new one, I would prefer to get more use out of it than six times Thanks.
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I have a Pinzon (amazon private label).  I'm happy with the roller, but the fett/angel hair cutter binds up horribly bad.  The gears are pot metal though.  I bought one from Hobby Lobby that's for clay, broke it the first or second time.  The pinzon can be found at
$25 ain't bad.

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