Immersion circulator

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Anyone have strong positive opinions on brands and models? I've been very unhappy with the Gourmia and am looking to replace it.
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After a good deal of reading, it seems like the main difference among the various units is the apps. Has anyone used Anova and/or Joule apps?

My questions:

1. Is the app necessary, and to what degree?

2. If I'm using the app can I set the temperature to X, put in the food when it's heated, set a timer, and then when the time is up have it automatically shift to temperature Y for a certain amount of time? Can I program even more complex things?

3. To what extent is it difficult or irritating to use the app manually, i.e., not using any preset recipes or the like?



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I have the anova I use the app rarely because I'm usually home . Anova was bought a year or two back and the new owners require an account (info collection) to use the app. This is one reason I don't use the app now.

If i needed a remote start I'd use the app but that's been unnecessary so far.
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