I'm underweight and need help

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Please reference this as well: https://cheftalk.com/threads/new-and-underweight.98674/

I am trying to eat 3500-6000 calories (high protein, fat, and carbs) a day (I currently probably get 1000-2000 calories). I want to gain 30-60 lbs (fat and muscle). I need food ideas. Homemade pizza is something i was thinking about, I also like griddled chicken, but I do not know how to cut it into rectangles or squares, do they do it raw or after it's cooked or during? What kind of knife do you need, think mine are too dull.

I am not allergic to anything, but milk does give me... well you know, but if I eat dairy any other way besides straight milk I'm more than likely ok even when it's cereal unless I use too much milk since I typically drink it.

Any and all advice is appreciated.

Also I do have a low appetite, I mention this in my introduction thread too.

Thank you.
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I suggest you see a doctor then a nutritionist. You seem to have a lot of issues. Not the kind of question to ask here.
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Just to get an idea on the types of "healthier" foods people that are gaining or maintaining mass eat, you can google John Cena, The Rock, and diets and there are sites that rattle off what a typical daily diet looks like for them. Agree with others that you should see a nutritionist because certain things can be harder on your body than others. I'm guessing you are going to need to approach it somewhat with supplements, such as protein shakes in order to get your caloric intake up, which again should be under the advice of a specialist.
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Believe it or not the average doctor and nutritionist is not familiar with a lot of very important research that has been around for as much as 40+ years now. The health related fields, both psychiatric and physical/medical, do have vested interests in maintaining a manageable crisis.

Google Leaky Gut and Food Combining, and you will very likely be seeing the eating habits that have led to your condition. See a MAPS certified doctor recommended on the TACAnow website resource listing and get tested for food sensitivities and other related factors. Oh I absolutely hate to think what kind of shape I'd be in if I hadn't finally found out about these things. Great if you can go cold turkey all the way, but even if you cheat a little you will still be so much better off.

As example here: Pizza no, fatty red meat without starches in it's place, much better actually. The cereal and milk, you'd likely be better off with neither.
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as said, go to right MD. second, just eat more. 1000-2000 calories a day will just maintain current weight, even loose a bit. how active are you? when I was working, i needed 3000+ per day just to maintain weight.
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Were you at any time a normal weight?
Or could this problem be the result of some extreme diet that you have become "addicted" to or has this condition been present since birth?
I agree with the OPs...seek medical help before you just go off willy-nilly as there may be some underlying disease causing your metabolism to go haywire.
There are several meds out there that increase one's appetite, don't know all that much about them but your search engine can point you in the right direction.
FYI griddled chix is not on any diet to gain weight that I know of...unless there is breading and frying involved.



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I definitely agree that you should see a doctor whenever you want to start a major change in diet, but also, if you really are only eating 1000-2000 calories a day then that is part of the problem. At the max that many calories really will only maintain your current weight and, at the low end, 1000 calories is usually in the weight loss category, for the majority of people. Again, seeing a doctor is your best bet. Everyone here can give you advice on how to increase your caloric intake, but, depending on your circumstances, much of that advice might not be the best for you.
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That is the truth. How many calories in 12 pack? Just kidding The doctor and nutritionist is good idea.

When the fisherman was in his 20s he hit a hot power line while trying to find a survey corner.
Lucky for him someone at the fire station across the street saw it go down and they were able to hit him with another jolt to restart his heart.
To heal burns takes a massive amt of calories and him being a picky eater this became a problem.
So the doc wrote an order for a couple of beers a day.

To answer the question you are about to ask.... no he didn't leave his body...no tunnel of light....altho he did report feeling calm and peaceful and a tiny bit pissed that it disappeared when they got his heart started again.

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A good friend of mine gained enough weight to get well over 400 pounds. He's lost it since but he blamed all the weight gain on lots of chicken wings and beer.
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All I have to do to make my weight balloon is snack on nuts and chocolate. Maybe that will work for you too?

We don't give medical advise here but here are some foods that contain healthy fats and other good nutrients in them:

Olive oil
Coconut oil
Roasted potatoes
Peanut butter

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