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Joined Dec 12, 2000
Hey all, I know I've not been posting for awhile. This is actually the first time in about a month that my computer would let me get onto the internet, I think I overloaded my hard drive or got a virus or something, not sure yet, but I cleared out some old files and voila was able to access my I.E. software. Also, my work has been keeping me unable to get any decent computer time. So if anyone feels inclined, I'm curious to know what's happenin' in the chef talk world.
Talk to you all later, hopefully my computer doesn't act up again.
Jeff =>
Joined Nov 20, 2000
It got really cold, really windy and really snowy yesterday. Now I know why!:D
Welcome back Cool nice to see you. Not a lot has happened as of late. (Of course I have no memory so those that want to correct me, feel free:D )
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