I'm so excited!!

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Hello Chef Talk Community!  I have years of cooking experience: first owning my own baker (never having baked anything before!), then being the Cook for a Preschool while also making traditional English foods (yes I am English!) and selling privately to those who missed English food!  I am excited to find this forum and keen to learn as much as possible! 
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Providing a "taste of home" to your fellow countrymen sounds like a great idea. 

Welcome to Cheftalk Helen, looking foward to your specialized wisdom. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif  

ETA: Hey, that was my one THOUSANTH post! Yay MEEZ!  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif  
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Welcome Helen we are glad you joined up. What part of England are you from? 
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Hi Nikko,

Thanks for the warm welcome!  I come from a small village in Herfordshire called Abbots Langley.  I have been in Ontario for 12 years now and am enjoying all the different cultural food options here.  I am always looking to learn new methods and recipes so am hoping this forum will educate me even more :) 

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