I'm New Too!

Joined Feb 15, 2010
Hello All

This is my first post. I'm glad I found this site. My experience stems from being a cook in the military. I recently got back into baking and cooking in general. I hope to find some answers and give help when I can.
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Welcome, Lasnev, I see you've taken a quick look around and started taking part. Have a good look around! While home cooks like you and I shouldn't post in the Professionals' forums, we can certainly read to our hearts' content.

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Hello all, i'm a new one too. Nice to meet you, guys. It's interesting to know this website.I'm ana sian girl, from Vietnam. I'm applying Western-Asian cusine course. I love cooking. I hope i can learn some exeprience from this website.
Joined Feb 21, 2010
 Glad to have found this forum.  I teach chocolate and confectionery to professionals and non professionals in a variety of settings - but most recently in the new chocolate lab I've added to the house during a major renovation.  

No plans to quit my day job as a family doc working in the ER. 
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