I'm new to this site...thought I'd say hello

Joined Sep 3, 2002
Looks like an interesting site.I just thought I'd check it out and see what is going on here.
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Hello ToYMaN, and welcome to the Cafe. You'll find lots of enjoyable threads and forums, so be sure to check them out. Don't miss the archives! What kind of food and cooking light your fire?

We are a mix of pros and amateurs here, so post away with your questions and comments in the various forums.


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Welcome to Chef Talk Toyman!

What kind of food do you enjoy? :)
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yes indeed, WELCOME.

So is it "antique cooking" that interests you, or 2 separate things, "antiques" and "cooking?" (as you mention in your profile)

You've already made at least one really good post (sun dried tomatoes), so you're getting into the swing of it here. You'll like it, believe me. Lots of really useful give-and-take.
Joined Sep 3, 2002
Thanks for the welcome.
As to my cooking, I have recently become interested in ethnic cusines such as cajun and creole. I have also been trying to refine some soups and sauces, but my pleasure is working the grill. There is nothing like grilling!
As for the antiques, i collect, buy, sell, trade, antique toys (hence the nick ToYMaN)
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Looks like you have your hands full, toyman. Owning and being a chef in a restaurant and hotel must be a lot of work. It's a wonder you have any time for antiques. I'm glad you're able to also spend time here. It's a great community.
Joined Sep 3, 2002
I only restore if it is the only solution. As with most antiques, it is best to leave them in original condition even if the condition is poor.
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