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Hi all, I'm a chef from HK, working as a chef de parties in a steak house. I just get here by today.
I've been as a chef for 6years. I don't have any culinary education, as HK is lack of that kind of source.
I've been work with chefs from different countries. I realize that most of them have been in culinary academy that I don't have.
As my present situation, I have to work 12hours 6days, I have to make money for family, that make me no way to go to study aboard.
Is there any online course would anyone suggest to me?
Thank you so much.
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Welcome to Cheftalk. My question would be, do you need a course of any kind. Do you need a culinary certificate to advance in your job. You are already a Chef what is it your looking for ? Do you think you need a culinary course because you think your lacking in something or do you think you need more instruction. I was self taught and never really need any classes. It looks like your doing pretty darn good with the knowledge you have........Chef Bill

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