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Hi Everyone!

28 year old female from Dallas here! I come from a long line of Italian cooks. I'm 3rd generation but its still a close generation who talks, sleeps, breathes and eats Italian!! I'm trying out new concepts to cooking and my family thinks I'm nuts because it's TOTALLY different than what they are used to! :lol:

I grew up cooking VERY old school Italian, most of my family is from the central region (Abruzzi--not far from Rome)---very saucy, heavy and meaty. Not that I don't LOVE that food, but I'm very interested in the lighter more mediterranean side of Italian cooking.

I also just moved to TEXAS (from Chicago--8 years, prior to that, West Virginia where I grew up for 18 years ) so I'm learning all about cast iron, Beef Brisket, and southern BBQ--as a matter of fact, I've got a Brisket in the oven right now! (Man, it smells gooooood! ) ;-)

I'm also looking for healthy alternatives to cooking as well! I just ditched my scratched up T-Fal pans and hand me downs and purchased an expensive (but amazing) All-Clad set! I LOVE IT!

I look forward to meeting new members and learning new tricks of the trade!
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Thank you for the introduction, Caudia. Your family must be happy to know you're continue the family culinary traditions. This is a wonderful place to learn and grow as a cook; I can vouch for that. You'll learn so much from the other home cooks and the professionals that you'll branch out and try new things you never thought you would try.

I hope you enjoy being part of this community, and that you share what you know as well.
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