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Friends. Today I'm so happy and excited! Yesterday we went and visited our friends Monica and Martin who just bought a farm in Wisconsin. Martin is a contracter and he's rebuilding the house, Monica is a food scientist who did her PhD in dairy science. Yesterday saw the arrival of the first two Swiss Alpine goats. I'm her official chef and guitar teacher, so I get dibs on the first cheeses!

We also saw the first 50 chicks. The hens are for eggs, the rest... MUAHAHAH! Good eatin' free range chicken! Yummy! Next week she's expecting the arrival of 50 free range turkeys. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Then there's the vegetable garden... 100x50 plot of fresh veggies.

Best of all.. everything organic!

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Sounds like heaven on Earth!! Talk about the inside track on some great ingredients - I envy you. Is this going to be another Coach Farms in the making??

:rolleyes: . o O (I have GOT to get the heck out of FL!)
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Well kuan, I guesse when you say farm fresh ingredients you are realy going to mean it.It sounds like you are going to be a big help as well as a big enjoyer of your friends new farm.Dude,Im so enviouse of you.Have fun my friend and keep us posted as to your farm adventures. Doug............
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