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Hey Guys Chef Trance here, I know I have been inactive but I am back in action.

When I was 17 I use to work for outback steakhouse, as a line cook and thats when I found out about these forums. Now I have left outback steakhouse a year and 7 months ago, and I have been a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks Coffee. Now I am thinking about leaving starbucks, and going back to what I love to do best, and thats working at a restaurant again! Even though Starbucks will look good for me in my resume being there for 18 months, how do you guys think I should get back in my feet at becoming a line cook again and working my way up?
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I would say to get your resume out there and sell yourself. I went from the only cook at a cafe, to working at first in the coffee shop at the hospital and later in the cafeteria to line cook and now AKM... You can get back on the line if you want to and that has to come from you.

I thought I had the worst interview ever when I applied for my job as line cook and well I was quickly trained on eggs (the busiest and most important station at our place) and I can say that within six months I was promoted to AKM and here I am so .. work hard, do your best and it will happen for you too.
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Look at all the restaurants in your area. Which would you like to work at? Why? Pick a half-dozen or so (maybe more), research them as much as you can -- check their Web sites, eat there at least once, preferably more, find out who's who. Then call them (NOT during service, but you knew that ;)) and ask BY NAME for the person who does the hiring. Explain why you want to work there.

Chances are good that at least a few of them will call you in for an interview. Be totally honest about what you've done and what you know. When you interview, demonstrate that you understand what the place is all about, be positive about what you can do for it, and be positive even if they say, "Oh, we only need a dishwasher [or prep cook or whatever] now." Respond with "I'd really like to learn from you."

A positive attitude and willingness to learn count for a LOT.

Go get 'em, tiger! :lol:
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